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Did You Know?

PACE is now available to for-profit companies! Signaling the success of this integrated model, the CMS decision will allow even more organizations to explore their opportunities with PACE.

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By the Numbers

Altitude Edge works in 27 of the 31 states with PACE programs and our team has more than a century of combined experience with managing and ensuring the delivery of high-quality senior care.

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Consulting for PACE Senior Health Care Services

Our Approach

Altitude Edge understands the complexity of starting and managing a PACE program. Whether you have an existing program or are considering opening one, we can help you navigate regulatory and payment systems.

About Us

The Altitude Edge Family of Companies

Since its creation in 2005, Altitude Edge has become a force in helping organizations explore, develop and improve senior home care services through PACE. A parent company to AEC Consulting and Peak PACE Solutions, Altitude Edge offers both breadth and depth to help clients navigate and manage complex senior health care services.

Altitude Edge Consulting for PACE Senior Health Care Services